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Core Formers

Core Forming montage

More controlled standard deviation allows production to target a lower mean pad weight while ensuring the same level of quality.

Performance Benefits

  • Rigid design allows for stable forming surface, minimizing run out and greatly reduces plugging.
  • 3D Pocket designs offer high front to back ratios.
  • Improved edge definition.
  • Elcomb™ Honeycomb support is 98%
    open: increased and consistent airflow.

Complete drum solution.

Cost Savings

  • Improved core weight standard deviation resulting in SAP and fluff material savings.
  • Reduction of SAP and Fluff entering the filtration unit due to superior filtering of Microporous screen.
  • Reduction of screen plugging resulting in improved efficiency, reduction of reject cores, and reduction of air consumption for on line drum cleaning.
  • Highly precise core profile results in accurate pad weight distribution.

Wire mesh screen filters and supports trap fibers and SAP particles.  Innovent's microporous screen and honeycomb structure resists plugging by fibers and SAP

Core Forming Solutions

  • 25 years of experience in Diaper, Feminine Hygiene, and Adult Incontinence core forming design.
  • Core Customization and Optimization.
  • Global on-site service and support.
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