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Quality System

At Innovent, Quality is integral to the way we conduct business. Quality is not "inspected in" to our products, it is "built in". Well-documented processes are implemented to ensure that we consistently meet customer expectations.

Innovent USA first gained ISO 9001 certification in 1994, and added AS 9000 in 1998. Innovent has been certified to AS9100 since 2004. Implementation of these systems enable us to sustain continuity from engineering design, throughout manufacturing, and culminating with on time shipment of quality products.

Management is committed to the continual improvement of our quality system and processes. Reviews of process data are conducted on a regular basis to assess opportunities and take action for continual improvement. Every employee understands and uses the procedures and documented processes that comprise the Innovent Quality Management System. They know that repeatable processes yield reliable business practices and products.

Quality Policy:

Innovent employees believe that:

  • Quality requirements for our products and services are defined by both our internal and external customers.
  • It is the personal responsibility of every employee to understand and subsequently meet these Quality requirements.
  • To exceed these Quality requirements, we commit to continually improve the performance of our processes against measurable objectives.
  • It is the environmental, health, and safety policy of Innovent to conduct all functions of the business in a safe and accident-free environment and to prevent pollution.

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